“Cast off” was the 2018 motto of the Brandenburgian state festival taking place in Wittenberge. However, we are not resting on our laurels.

Wittenberger SportboothafenFoto: G. Baack

Regardless of whether you come into town by train, car or bike, you will spot Wittenberge's most signifcant landmark from afar: one of the tallest clock towers in Europe. Observe the panoramic view of the plains of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg from the tower's top platform.

Start your tour at the neoclassicst-style train station building with the biggest railway museum in Brandenburg. The tour leads you to the Gründerzeit quarter where the artful “Haus der vier Jahreszeiten” and other architectural treasures invite you to marvel at their beauty. A little further down is the medieval town centre with its still recognizable layout in the form of a ship. If you're travelling by bike or car, you're able to enjoy Prignitz' wide fields and forests before you enter the town. The natural rivers Stepenitz and Karthane join the Elbe here. So, our city is an oasis for water sportspeople, swimming, and diving—not just in summer: one of the octagonal towers on the grounds of the former oil mill that used to house an oil tank has been repurposed and is now a deep diving facility. A high standard hotel grew out of the former factory complete with its own brewery, an exclusive spa, and concerts ranging from classical to rock on the open air stage “Elblandbühne”.

The tourist information offers exciting tours: from culinary explorations, over hikes along the “Green Route” to port tours or day trips in a historical bus—you can get to know the town from exciting perspectives. Leave your caravan on one of our several parking spaces and explore the town by bike or on foot. Visit the town's museum “Alte Burge” to learn more about its history. The festival hall and the annual Elbland festival in summer offer compelling evening programmes. Alternatively, enjoy a relaxed night out at one of the many family-run restaurants or hotels.

Tourist guide 2019
Information on offers, sights, hosts as well as trips around the tri-state area can be found in the tourist guide. You can order it from the tourist information in Wittenberge.

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21. Elbland festival — The Night of a Thousand Lights

Enjoy “A Night of a Thousand Lights” full of joy, charisma and passion—that's the promise of the 21. Elbland festival. On July 10 and 11, 2020, the organizers invite you to a glamurous gala on the historical premises of the “Alte Ölmühle” Wittenberge.

ElblandfestspielbühneFoto: Podiebrad

21 years of the Elbland festival—means many artists, rousing music, beautiful stage backdrops and great enthusiasm among guests. Enjoy another unique open air event this year with the motto “A Night of a Thousand Lights” which transforms Wittenberge into a sea of lights for a weekend.

Touristinformation Wittenberge
Touristinformation Wittenberge
Paul-Lincke-Platz 1, 19322 Wittenberge
Tel. +493877/92 91 81