Experience nature

Accompanied by the hum of the bees, the tour through the sea of the purple coloured blossoms of the Kyritz-Ruppin heath feels like a bath in a honeypot. Once fighters wheeled in the air above the heath, now the white-tailed eagle does. A rapt calmness settles over the area at night: when the call of the nightjar makes way for the soft flaps of bats, a gorgeous starry sky unfolds. Especially on nights when Perseid meteor showers sweep across the sky there is nothing left to be desired.

Prignitz' Elbe landscape at the biosphere reserve Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg, however, is entirely different. The Elbe flood plains consist of a mosaic of diverse habitats ranging from wet to completely dry. Beside the big river itself, which runs along the Western border of Prignitz for about 70 kilometres, its countless tributary rivers, riparian forests, brackish waters, seeps, flood channels, pastures, and moors make up this unique landscape. The picture of the Elbe flood plains is dotted with small idyllic villages with their typical Prignitz architectural style with many farms where sheep feel comfortable and cows graze peacefully.