Culinary Prignitz

Prignitz cuisine - that means freshly prepared dishes made from regional products of the season. The flavors range from “like Grams'” to rural, experimental creations.

The culinary side of the Prignitz

The regional specialty of Prignitz is Knieperkohl or Sur’n Hansen. It is regarded as Prignitz' “national dish” and is offered in various variations, especially in winter, from November to March.

The local restaurateurs draw raw materials and ideas for their menus from the colorful diversity of the rural region - here there is fish, game or fruit and herbs (almost) directly from the front garden.

Pleasure and adventure combine with picking blueberries in the plantation, cooking courses, herb seminars or culinary city tours.

For many years, this brochure has not only given an analogue overview of where regional products can be bought and eaten, but is also available for download on the webpages of the regional initiative Prignitz Ruppin e.V., the Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V. and the REG Regionalentwicklungsgesellschaft Nordwestbrandenburg mbH. You can also obtain this brochure from the tourist information offices and from all participating producers.

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