The impressive spire of St Nicholas church greets visitors from afar. Situated in the heart of Prignitz, Pritzwalk offers its guests a special charme.

Marktplatz PritzwalkFoto: TV Pritzwalk und Umgebung e.V.

The town's architecture bore witness to its long-standing history while the Marktstraße and other parts of the town centre shine in new splendour. Newly opened, the Museumsfabrik, the festival hall including 3D cinema, and a bowling alley along with numerous clubs offer a variety of ways to spend your free time or attend cultural events.

In 2019, the Museumsfabrik opened and now houses both the town and brewery museum. The historical building complex consisting of a cloth mill and a brewery is dedicated to telling the story of industrialization. At the top of the Trappenberg stands the Bismarck tower and its construction began in 1905 as a memorial to the “Iron Chancellor”. Not far from Pritzwalk is the local recreational area Hainholz. Its petting zoo, game enclosure, nature trail and experiencing-the-forst trail as well as the neighbouring fruit plantation are popular visiting spots.

The open air pool in the forest with its giant slide and diving boards offers a very special swimming experience. The idyllic lakes in the area draw many swimming enthusiasts and fishers on a regular basis. Moreover, the narrow-gauge railway “Pollo” sets off at the train station in the district Mesendorf. Visitors can watch Prignitz' beautiful landscape passing by the windows of the huffing train.

The Kathfeld mill is one of the oldest mills in the region: its story reaches as far back as the 15th century. Our tip for explorers: “Autumn is time for savoury dishes” (“Herbstzeit ist Zeit für deftige Gerichte”). The culinary autumn and winter season begins November 9, 2019. Inside and outside of the Pritzwalk festival hall, a local farmers' market and pork feast invite visitors and habitants alike, starting 10 AM. Guests can get to know the culinary side of Prignitz.

Meyenburger Tor 3a, 16928 Pritzwalk
Tel. +493395/76 08 11 30
Foto: Fotoarchiv Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann
Foto: Archiv Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann
Badesee Groß WoltersdorfFoto: Archiv Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann