The Dosse lakes area

Historical old towns, an extensive lake chain, wide forests, idyllic roads and cozy villages—that's the region around Kyritz, Wusterhausen and Neustadt (Dosse) which is only an hour away from Berlin.

Kyritzer Seenkette mit INSL

Exploring and enjoying this area is best accomplished by bike. Starting from train stations you easily get to where you want to go by following the junction points along the bike routes.

The lake chain promises pure relaxation. In Bantikow, Kyritz and Wusterhausen open air pools, camping sites and piers invite you to spend time by the water and on the beach. Save for one passanger vessel no motorized boats are allowed on the lakes which makes sailing, dragon boating, paddling and fishing easy and carefree endeavours. Hotels and restaurants offer culinary specialties with seaside views. A natural hiking trail leads all around the Untersee, right by the shore. The pilgrimage path to Bad Wilsnack passes by the lake as well, and you have a gorgeous view from the pilgrim hostel in the Barsikow church tower.
Horse enthusiasts will spend a time worthwhile at the Brandenburgian state stud farm in Neustadt (Dosse) whether it's by visiting the stud parades or by talking a stroll around the premises.

The historical old towns of Kyritz and Wusterhausen and ten museums in total invite you to explore history. Cultural offers are found anywhere: from comedy to organ concerts, and from summer theatre to Christmas markets. In August, the Schoeller festival shows comedies in front of historical backdrops.
However, there's still much more to explore in the Dosse lakes area, like the mummy of the knight Kalebuz in Kampehl, the animal actor school in Sieversdorf, the Japanese garden in Bartschendorf, little village churches or simply the panoramic landscape.

Kyritzer Seenkette mit Blick auf Wusterhausen

People have recuperated splendidly here for more than a hundred years. A vacation by the lake in Wusterhausen means swimming and water sports of the quieter sorts, like a canoe tour or a trip on a steamboat, and culinary pleasure with a lakeside view. The historical town centre and its imposing church St Peter and Paul is only a fifteen minute walk away from the lake. Carefully restored half-timbered houses invite you to take a stroll through town. The Wegemuseum in the town square is about the stories of journeys as well as histories about roads, from corduroy roads to transit routes. The surrounding idyllic villages and wooded areas are best explored by bike, e.g. on the Fontane route.

Am Markt 3, 16866 Wusterhausen/Dosse
Tel. +4933979/8 77 60
Foto: Archiv Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann

Tretbootverleih am Kyritzer Strandbad

Carefully restored half-timbered houses, the extraordinary ensemble of buildings in the town square and the imposing double-spire facade of St Mary's church bestow a special charme upon the town. They invite you to explore (hi)stories: Does the Knatter really exist? What does it mean when Kyritz natives offer you “Mord und Totschlag” (“blood and thunder”)? Why is Kyritz a Hanseatic town? Discover the answers to these questions in the streets of the old town as well as the gardens and the parlour of the former Franciscan monastery. Afterwards you can relax by the Untersee at the beach or pier and a restaurant on an island.

Maxim-Gorki-Straße 32, 16866 Kyritz
Tel. +4933971/60 82 79
Foto: Archiv Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann

Stadt der Pferde

The pastoral little town Neustadt (Dosse) is especially famous for its gallant inhabitants at the Brandenburgian state stud farm. For decades, horses of international renown have been bred here. So it is entirely unsurprising that the Prinz-von-Homburg school with its special class for equestrianism is allowing their students to break new ground. However, the old gas plant—which is the last one preserved in its original form in all of Europe—the Church of the Holy Cross and church square which is line with historical half-timbered houses invite you to stay for a while.

Brandenburgian main and state stud farm

Foto: Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt

Experience horses up close, learn about the culture and history of the stud farms, explore Prussian architecture, discover the woods around the stud farm—this is everything the unique historico-cultural ensemble of classistic architecture of the Neustädt stud farms have to offer. Set off to where gallant horses and impressive architecture have been rooted since 1788.

On a guided tour or on a carriage ride you are shown the most beautiful spots of the premises. The museum presents life on the farm and horse breeding through the ages. Events amidst historical buildings carry visitors off into the world of horses.

Hauptgestüt 10, 16845 Neustadt (Dosse)
Tel. +4933970/5 02 95 33
Foto: Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt
Foto: Archiv Boiselle
Foto: Archiv Boiselle
Foto: Schroeder