Railway Romance

Historical trains, a museum on rails, a railway romance hotel and a driver's license for trains - full steam ahead!

Prignitzer Kleinbahnmuseum Lindenberg and the “Pollo”

The only narrow-gauge railway in Brandenburg

Foto: Thomas Bein

Between the Prignitz towns of Perleberg, Pritzwalk and Kyritz, with branches to Breddin and Glöwen, a 100 km long narrow-gauge railway network with a gauge of 750 mm was built between 1897 and 1912. The railway brought an enormous upswing to agriculture. Due to the increasing individual traffic, the lack of line maintenance and the lack of modernization, the star of the small railroad began to decline in the 1960s. On June 1, 1969, three special trains met for the last time in Lindenberg for the official farewell ceremony. Two years later there was nothing to be seen of the former route network.

The deep connection between the Prignitz people and their railway was evident in the popular vernacular name “Pollo”. The small train was never completely forgotten. Railway enthusiasts collected everything that reminded them of this small train and published a brochure. While associations operated museum railways in the old federal states, this was not possible in the GDR. The year 1989 brought political change and with it completely new opportunities. Like-minded people quickly found each other and in 1994 founded the association “Prignitzer Kleinbahnmuseum Lindenberg e.V.”. The permanent exhibition on the history of the former narrow-gauge railway was opened in 1996 in the former freight shed of the Kleinbahn. Here you can find everything you need to know about the creation of the railway, the vehicles used, the people who worked here, but also the demolition, reconstruction and museum railway operation on the Lindenberg-Mesendorf section on two floors. You can also visit a historic ticket printer. Replica model railway systems bring the time of the “Pollo” back to life in miniature. In front of the museum grounds, light railroad rides are possible on a circuit.

In May 2002, after 33 years of inactivity, the narrow-gauge railway line between Mesendorf and Brünkendorf was reopened and extended to Vettin in 2004. Since May 2007 the Pollo has been back to Lindenberg. In the season from April to October, diesel locomotive-hauled trains run on the days of travel, and steam locomotive trips are offered on certain occasions, such as Ascension Day.

Foto: Thomas Bein
Foto: Michael Konarski

Historic locomotive shed in Wittenberge

Brandenburg's largest railway museum

Foto: Frank Stubenrauch

Engine shed II of the former Wittenberge depot has housed Brandenburg's largest railway museum since autumn 2012. The highlights of the collection are the five Reko steam locomotives of the 50.35 series that are typical for Prignitz. The visitors can expect the small work locomotive “EMMA”, a heavy goods tractor of the series 44, 13 diesel locomotives, a “Schienentrabi”, a hospital train of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, the car transport car of the first GDR government train and the signal box “Wm” built in 1909.

Honorary driver's license

Nostalgia under full steam

The thoughts on the hotels and holiday apartments of the “Eisenbahnromantik Hotel” group stem from an old, deep passion of the initiators for railways and their operation. A special atmosphere was to be created within the facilities in order to create a new contact point for friends and fans of the locomotives for the special vacation. The original locomotive that gives it its name can be found outside and details, images and technical details of the series inside. The special highlight is the “honorary engine driver's license”. There everyone who is interested learns to understand instructions through signals. This “honorary engine driver's license” can be obtained as part of an adventure weekend. And because all theory is no fun without practice, the highlight of the weekend seminar is to drive a rail vehicle yourself under supervision at the end: the historic Uerdingen rail bus “VT 798”.

Dates 2021

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