Bike route network & tour plans

Whether it's atop the embankment with a panoramic view of the Elbe; across wide, plain fields or cozy forests—you can truly relax and enjoy nature to the fullest in Prignitz. Explore one of the oldest cultural landscapes of the Margraviate most comfortably by bike.

Foto: Archiv Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann

Individual tours across Prignitz can be planned easy as anything using the junction point signs, the so-called “biking by numbers” system. At least three bike routes meet at every junction point; that point has its own number which is easily spotted on top of the sign post. At every one of these sign posts you can find a detailed section of the map. The project started with 400km of sign-posted bike routes and 50 junction points; now the “cyclist's paradise between Elbe and Müritz” has more than 1.100km sign-posted routes.

In 2015, the junction points were complemented by boards with information on service providers. On them you find sights within a 3km radius, as well as services within 7km. Information arrays from bicycle repair shops to tourist informations and museums as well as lodgings and restaurants or cafés which are all given QR codes so you can easily find contact info and opening hours on the internet. The innovatice, service-oriented and groundbreaking junction point sign post project was awarded the state Brandenburg's tourism award in 2013.

The leaflet “Radlerparadies Prignitz” contains the entire route net (more than 1.100km of post-signed bike paths) as well as (approx.) 130 junction points for your individual tour planning.

“Radlerparadies zwischen Elbe und Müritz” is a handy broschure in A5 format that fits nicely into your handlebar bag, and it contains eight thematic premium route recommendations with routes ranging from 27 km to 42 km through all of the travel region Prignitz.

The A3 tear-off bike maps each show a part of the travel destination Prignitz. On the front, you find the entire route network including junction points. On the back, there are four tour recommendations for that particular part of the region. These are set off on the map in different colours. There are four A3 format maps with 16 tour recommendations in total.