Elbe-Müritz circular route

Along the 414 km long route between the river landscape and the lake chain, visitors find lesser known yet stunning cultural landscapes. A trip through this wide, plain countryside, rimmed by lively towns and dreamy villages, promises guests unforgettable experiences that are shaped by untouched nature, historically rich places and open-hearted hospitality.

Start in Wittenberge (long distance train station) – Lenzen – Neuhausen/Ruhner Berge – Parchim – Lübz – Plau am See – Waren (Müritz) – Röbel/Müritz – Meyenburg – Pritzwalk – Bad Wilsnack – Rühstädt

Description of the tour

Already interconnected in Prignitz, this circular route opened in 2009 adds to existing long distance bike paths like the Elberadweg, the Tour Brandenburg and the Bishop's Tour. Meyenburg, Pritzwalk, the medical resort Bad Wilsnack, the European Stork Village Rühstädt, Wittenberge and Lenzen all lie along this route. This bike path connects the Elbe river landscape with the biggest lake landscape in Germany.

In Mecklenburg the route runs along the Seenradweg (lake bike route). Some of the stops along the tour should be mentioned here: Parchim and its historical old town by the river Elde; Plau am See with its castle and drawbridge; and the towns Waren and Röbel by the Müritz and their romantic old towns and modern marinas.

WittenbergeFoto: Studio Prokopy
Elbauen bei LenzenFoto: Thomas Wolf
Schloss MeyenburgFoto: Ines Ritz
RöbelFoto: Stadt Röbel
Bad WilsnackFoto: Thomas Wolf

Package offers for the Elbe-Müritz circular route

Package offers you can get from the Prignitz' bike tour operator:

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