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If you want to get to know the typical landscape of Prignitz, you can do so best by getting on your bike and cycling through the Lenzerwische. Lenzerwische—that's the name of the stretch of land between where Elbe and Elde meet.

The tour - 27 km

The tour runs along well constructed and signposted bike paths on the Elbe embankment and sparsely frequented roads.

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Die Tour nach Knotenpunkten

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Startpunkt der Tour: Burg LenzenFoto: TMB/R. Zibell
Grenzturm an der Fähre in LenzenFoto: TMB/S. Lehmann
Fährmann in Mödlich
Haltepunkt Natur »Eiseichen Mödlich«
Radler am mystischen Fährmann von Bernd StreiterFoto: Biosphärenreservat Flusslandschaft Elbe/Häuser
Hallenhaus in Mödlich
Ländliche Idylle in der Lenzerwische
Fähre LenzenFoto: TMB/R. Zibell

Starting in Lenzen you comfortably trundle along the Elbe embankment, past the former border tower near the Elbe ferry and the imposing statue of a mythical ferry man, which was created by the local artist Bernd Streiter. The vast and serene landscape entices many artists.

Cyclists are accompanied by the big river that flows through the flood plains that are interspersed with grass lands—a vital habitat for many animals. Thriving flood plains like these are rare in Germany. If you cast your eyes towards the sky, you will spot the white-tailed eagle hunting, or the red kite sailing through the air.

Elberadweg vor dem Gartenlokal »Elbeglück«Foto: TMB/R. Zibell

After about 10 kilometres you leave the embankment and enter the green hinterlands: the route leads through small “Wische villages” with their fieldstone churches that are characteristic for the Prignitz and typical Low German hall houses made from brick; past rural-quiet idyll with grazing cows on seemingly never-ending grass lands and clucking chickens on farms. The outdoor restaurant “Elbeglück” in Mödlich is the perfect place to take a break. After around 26 kilometres the tower of castle Lenzen greets you from afar, and you have reached the end of the tour.

Niedersächsische HallenhäuserFoto: Biosphärenreservat Flusslandschaft Elbe/Häuser

Guided tours

For those who want to undertake the tour with expert guidance, the Naturwacht Lenzen, the visitor's centre of castle Lenzen or the certified nature guide Gertrud Rohloff-Hecker offer a group experience. Along the way you are provided with a snack during an individual break.

duration: 4 hours
costs: 10 € per person; 5 € for kids until the age of 12; excl. snack break
minimum number of participants: 5

Sign ups and meeting point:
Visitor's centre castle Lenzen, Burgstraße 3, 19309 Lenzen
Phone: +4938792/12 21
Mail: info@burg-lenzen.de

Tip on how to get there:
use the PlusBus 944


“The 'nature stops' on this tour offer insightful information on history and stories. For example, the ”Eiseiche Mödlich“ (ice oak Mödlich): a winter flood with sharp ice floes left deep marks on the more than a century old oak. You can still see them today.”

Jan Schormann, biosphere reserve Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg

Jan Schormann

Tip on how to get there

PlusBus “Prignitzer Elbtalaue”
944 Wittenberge - Lanz - Lenzen

The PlusBus 944 “Prignitzer Elbtalauen” connects the Elbe town Wittenberge with the idyllic little place Lenzen with a quick connection without detours, a regular schedule and perfect connection to regional and long distance railway services. The ferry in Lenzen can bring you to the other side of the river to Lower-Saxony. Another highlight is the possible transport of up to five bikes by the PlusBus between Easter and October. Therefore, the PlusBus “Prignitzer Elbtalauen” allows you to explore the cyclists's paradise Prignitz on various tours.

The PlusBus operate during the following hours:
Mon-Fri hourly from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sat-Sun once every two hours from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.