Meeting point Adebar

Loud clattering accompanies travellers on this route through the biosphere reserve Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg. Prignitz has one of the highest stork populations in Germany.

On the wet fields along the Elbe, the Adebar (this is what storks are called in old German fables) find plenty of food. As they majestically sail through the air they show you the way to several observation points along the river and where the Havel meets the Elbe between the villages Abbendorf and Gnevsdorf. People in Rühstädt carry their noses high up in the air—and watch storks breed in about 30 nests.

The tour - 26,5 km

The tour runs along well constructed and signposted bike paths on the Elbe embankment and sparsely frequented roads.

Bad Wilsnack – Abbendorf – Gnevsdorf – Rühstädt – Groß Lüben – Bad Wilsnack

Die Tour nach Knotenpunkten

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Storch auf NahrungssucheFoto: Kathleen Awe

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