Pollo tour

It steams and snorts along the 9 kilometre tour from Lindenberg to Mesendorf—“Pollo”, the only narrow-gauge railway in Brandenburg

From 1897 to 1971 the Pollo transported mostly cargo through Prignitz. Railway junction point was Lindenberg which today holds the narrow-gauge railway museum. It opens on some weekends which is when fans have the chance to ride along in one of the historical steam- or diesel engines. The bike tour follows a good part of the Prignitz' narrow-gauge railway und passes many memorable places, especially for families with children.

The tour - 39 km

The tour runs along well constructed and signposted bike paths.

Pritzwalk – Buchholz – Waldpark – Groß Woltersdorf – Brünkendorf – Lindenberg – Vettin – Kehrberg – Klein Woltersdorf – Groß Woltersdorf – Mesendorf – Kuhsdorf – Giesensdorf – Pritzwalk

Die Tour nach Knotenpunkten

82 > 64 > 63 > 67 > 66 > 64 > 65 > 81 > 80 > 82 
Kleinbahn PolloFoto: Corporate Art

  • start from the tourist information Pritzwalk with its Museumsfabrik (opposite of it there's a parking space)
  • cycle to the junction point 80 and 82 (in the town centre you'll find gastronomy and a bike service (250 m)) along the promenade past the train station until you reach the town exit
  • further down the bike route that runs along the road to Buchholz where you find gastronomical services
  • then follow the way on a sparsely frequented road to Groß Woltersdorf until junction point 64 (crossroads at the Waldlehrpark) (about 9 km)
  • continue on into the village Groß Woltersdorf (which has a summer toboggan run, a lake for swimming, gastronomical services and a bike service shop) (1 km)
  • further through Brünkendorf (which is a stop of the Pollo) to junction point 63 in Lindenberg (gastronomy; church) (5 km)
  • cycle through the village to junction point 62 near the narrow-gauge railway museum and the train station of the Pollo (www.pollo.de) (5 km)
  • then further along the road past Vettin and Kehrberg (open church with an exhibition on the “Kehrberg child progidy”) as well as Klein Woltersdorf (visit the agricultural museum (on appointment)) back to an especially pretty, lightly undulating route to the junction point 64 at the Waldlehrpark Groß Woltersdorf (12 km)
  • further to Mesendorf (mansion park with old oaks and castle ruins) (2 km)
  • a recommendation for a little detour: through the village to one of the stops of the Pollo (2 km)
  • further to junction point 65 in Kuhsdorf (3,5 km)
  • then follow the road-adjacent bike path through Giesensdorf (mind the steep incline towards the village exit) to Pritzwalk (mind the railway crossing shortly before Pritzwalk) (6,6 km)
  • further through the town along the river Dömnitz to junction point 81 and 80
  • back to the tourist information Pritzwalk
Stadtinfo Pritzwalk und MuseumFoto: Stadt Pritzwalk
Sommerrodelbahn Groß WoltersdorfFoto: Wahrberge Verein
Bahnhof LindenbergFoto: www.pollo.de
See Groß Woltersdorf