Perleberg tour

Perleberg lies on an island in the Stepenitz. Starting at the river's shores the tour offers you a wide landscape and much serenity.

Don't miss out on a walk through the park behind the ocular day unit in Groß Pankow. It was once the residence of Prignitz' aristocratic family “Edle Herren Gans”. The gorgeous baroque palace Wolfshagen was theirs as well. Today, it holds the museum “Landadel und Porzellan” (squirearchy and porcellain). The rest of the route to Perleberg runs along the Stepenitz with its idyllic meanders.

The tour - 42 km

The tour runs along well constructed and signposted bike paths.

Perleberg (in the park Hagen) – Burghagen-Krampfer – Groß Pankow – Wolfshagen – Seddin – Kreuzburg – Perleberg (in the park Hagen)

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