Fish tour

A wide and diverse landscape with fields and forests stretches on between Wittstock and the tails of the Müritz.

The village Berlinchen doesn't only entice with its name but also with a lake and an antique bookstore. Several little lakes between Sewekow and Schweinrich invite you to take a swim, fish, or simply relax. On the way back you can enjoy the serene landscape.

The tour - 40 km

The tour runs along well constructed and signposted bike paths.

Wittstock – Randow – Berlinchen – Sewekow – Dranse – Schweinrich – Zootzen – Wittstock

Detour/additional circular tour (13 km): Sewekow – Buchholz (Mecklenburg) – Ichlim – Sewekow

Die Tour nach Knotenpunkten

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Am GlambeckseeFoto: Katharina A. Zimmermann

Description of the tour

  • Start: at the tourist information; from there follow the directions to Röbel/go to junction point 2 (roundabout) (in the town centre: gastronomy, bike rental and shop, historical old town with many sights)
  • then follow the turn-off to Sewekow
  • continue further across the wide countryside through Randow to Berlinchen (gastronomy, second-hand bookshop, swimming site) to junction point 10 (about 8,5 km)
  • then continue past junction point 11 to Sewekow to junction point 12 (gastronomy, farm shop, swimming site, marina) (about 6,5 km)
  • recommendation for a little detour to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: circular tour of about 13 km from Sewekow to Buchholz (swimming site) to the Nebelsee (lake) and other small lakes, past Seehotel Ichlim back to Sewekow/junction point 12
  • continue from Sewekow along the Tour Brandenburg until the turn-off to Dranse/junction point 13, follow the directions to junction point 21 from there
  • then continue through Dranse and Schweinrich (swimming site) from junction point 27 to junction point 22 in Zootzen (about 18 km)
  • then back to the start at junction point 2/the tourist information Wittstock (about 7 km)