Castle tour

From the elevated deck, let your eyes trail over the wide surrounding fields. Wisps of wind sweep over the hill but the idyllic impression is deceiving. If travelers had tried observing from here in 1636, the wind would have carried the sounds of canon thunder over.

At the observation and memorial deck 1636 near Wittstock visitors learn interesting information about the Thirty Years War. Don't miss a detour to the historical old town and visit the Alte Bischofsburg (old bishops' castle) and the Museum of the Thirty Years War it's housing. The route continues on the old trading road to Biesen and along the idyllic Dosse flood plains to Freyenstein. Hidden beneath the surface of the earth lies the invisible town with its medieval alleys and houses. An archaeological park recreates the town's life. The romantic renaissance palaces of Freyenstein with exhibitions and information centres lie hidden between century old trees.

The tour - 43 km

The tour runs along well constructed and signposted bike paths or sparsely frequented roads.

Wittstock – Biesen – Eichenfelde – Heinrichsdorf – Wulfersdorf – Freyenstein – Tetschendorf – Zaatzke – Glienicke – Jabel – Wittstock

Die Tour nach Knotenpunkten

3 > 1 > 15 > 16 > 95 > 94 > 24 > 4 > 3 

Description of the tour

  • Start: at junction point 1 near the tourist information Wittstock (parking spaces for cars) (in the town centre: gastronomy, bike shop, historical old town with many sights)
  • continue past the Dosse pond, along the town wall and leave the town through the Gröper Tor to Biesen (about 3,5 km)
  • continue past Eichenfelde/junction point 15 and Heinrichsdorf (gastronomy) to Wulfersdorf (church with a distinctive gable) (about 8,5 km)
  • leave the road in Wulfersdorf and continue across the Dosse flood plains to Freyenstein/junction point 95) (two renaissance palaces with a park, church, and an archaeological park with information and book market, gastronomy) (about 9,5 km)
  • then follow the road to Pritzwalk (about 3,5 km), turn then towards Niemerlang and from there continue to junction point 94 to Tetschendorf (about 3 km)
  • continue past Ackerfelde, Ganzow and Volkwig (7 km) until the turn-off to Zaatzke
  • then further through Zaatzke (bike shop) and Glienicke (octagonal church (according to a blueprint from Karl Friedrich Schinkel; can be viewed from outside)
  • continue to Jabel (gastronomy, two open churches)
  • then follow the road to junction point 4 into the town area of Wittstock (about 7,5 km)
  • continue past junction point 3 near Alte Bischofsburg
  • back to the start at junction point 1 near the tourist information (about 2 km)
Stadtmauer WittstockFoto: Studio Prokopy