Monastery tour

Feel the fresh breeze on your face while you rise to the top. In Wittstock you should climb to the top of St Mary's church from where you have the best view of the historical old town and the Alte Bischofsburg.

The path continues to the highest wooden observation deck in Germany. Whoever conquers the 187 steps is rewarded with a panoramic view across the fields and farsight of up to 40 km. If you look closely, you can spot the convent Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe in the distance which will cross your path on your way back. There you can discover covert things as the church tells the moving story of the area through an exhibition.


The tour - 48 km

The tour runs along well constructed and signposted bike paths.

Wittstock – Scharfenberg – Papenbruch – Blandikow – Grabow – Rosenwinkel – Horst – Dahlhausen – Blumenthal – Heidelberg – Heiligengrabe – Jabel – Wittstock

railway connection: Wittstock, Heiligengrabe - RE6 Berlin-Wittenberge
Blumenthal, Rosenwinkel over the route Neustadt (Dosse) - Pritzwalk

Die Tour nach Knotenpunkten

3 > 5 > 32 > 31 > 35 > 37 > 36 > 83 > 84 > 30 > 25 > 24 > 4 > 3 

  • Start in Wittstock, at the museum Alte Bischofsburg, and museum Thirty Years War and Ostprignitz; junction point 3
  • continue past junction point 4 to Jabel at junction point 24
  • then continue to the convent Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe past junction points 25, 30 and 84
  • continue to Hohe Heide/junction point 83, and Blumenthal/junction point 36
  • near Blumenthal you can do a detour to the highest wooden observation deck in Germany
  • then continue through Dahlhausen/junction point 37 to Horst
  • continue through Rosenwinkel/junction point 35 to Grabow
  • continue through Blandikow/junction point 31 to Papenbruch/junction point 32
  • then continue through Scharfenberg/junction point 5
  • and back to Wittstock/junction point 3
Amtsturm der Alten Bischofsburg in WittstockFoto: Studio Prokopy
Aussichtsturm bei BlumenthalFoto: Detlef Glöde
Naturlernpark Rote Brücke Heiligengrabe
Kirche in Wittstock

The history of the tour

The Cistercian convent Heiligengrabe was founded in 1287 and is located at the roadside of the former military and trading road between Wittstock and Pritzwalk. It has always been important. Today, the convent Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe is a touristical and cultural centre of the region. The medieval abbey and the convent church, the Heiliggrab chapel with the “Heiligen Grab” (sacred tomb) that was discovered during an excavation, the museum in the classical-style house of the convent chief as well as the Baroque Damenplatz form a unique ensemble of an almost completely extant monastery in Brandenburg.

The former bishops' town Wittstock was the seat of the Havelberg bishops from 1270 until the Reformation. The seat “Alte Bischofsburg” houses the town's museums today.


historical town centre: town wall made of brick stones with Wiekhaus (guard house), Gröper Tor, gabled house, Telschowsches Haus, neo-Gothic town hall, St Mary's church (rise to the top possible),, Heilig-Geist-Kirche
Museums Alte Bischofsburg with museum Thirty Years War and Ostprignitz museum
Train station, gastronomy, bike rental and shop, tourist information

Scharfenberg (3 km)
Observation and memorial deck for the battle near Wittstock 1636

Papenbruch (6 km)
Schaugarten Arche Papenbruch (display garden Ark Papenbruch) – open May-October; Ark park; educational nature garden, rose garden, Bible garden
open church, the key is in the ministry (Dorfstraße 19, 16909 Papenbruch, phone: +49 3394/721322

Blandikow (3 km)
church, key is with Mr Drachenberg, Dorfstraße 32, 16909 Blandikow, phone: +49 33962/50256

Grabow (5 km)
church, key is with Mr Goldmann, Dorfstraße 16, 16909 Grabow, phone: +49 33984/71358,

Rosenwinkel (4,5 km)
church, appointments and key with family Spiller, Dorfstraße 14, 16928 Rosenwinkel, phone: +49 33984/70252,
train station with request stop

Horst (3,5 km)
Mansion premises with park, castle ruins, castle and chapel
visits on appointment

Dahlhausen (2 km)
church, key is in the ministry, Horster Straße 4, 116928 Dahlhausen, phone: +49 33984/70301,

Blumenthal (1 km)
church, key is with Ms Dunkelmann, Straße der Solidarität 8, 16928 Blumenthal, phone: +49 33984/70229,
train station

bnear Blumenthal: highest wooden observation tower in Germany
open all year,

Hohe Heide – blueberry plantation with café

Heiligengrabe (12 km)
educational nature path and Kneipp grounds Rote Brücke – along a lovely 2,7 km circular path you will find information about the forest as a habitat at nine diferent stops. The Kneipp grounds are right by the Rote Brücke (red bridge) at the Nadelbach.

convent Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe with Heiligengrab Chapel, museum and convent shop
Stiftgelände, 16909 Heiligengrabe
train station, gastronomy, tourist information

Jabel (4,5 km)
Protestant church, ministry, minister Albrecht, Jabeler Dorfstraße 1, phone: +49 3394/433791, pick up the key in the new house
Old Lutheran church, key is with Edwin Lück, Jabeler Dorfstraße 4, phone: +49 3394/443080

Ziel: Wittstock (4,5 km)