Pilgrimage tour

Birds chirping, the rustle of the wind between the canopy of the trees, and the crisp air that invites you to take deep breaths greet cyclists in the Hainholz in Pritzwalk.

The way to the venerable place of pilgrimage, Alt Krüssow, leads you past romantic little village churches. The impressive single naved, late Gothic church in the middle of the village can be seen from afar. After a visit to the convent Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe and its church (that's very popular among pilgrims) with the “Paradieshimmel” (paradise sky), the route leads you further to the half-timbered church in Bölzke where it is located right by the village green. An informative exhibition explains the phenomenon of pilgrimage. Then, the tour comes to an end in Pritzwalk.

The tour - 39 km

The tour mostly runs along well constructed and signposted bike paths, sparsely frequented country roads as well as paved forest paths.

Signage along the tour: junction points and with the logo “Wallfahrtstour” (pilgrimage tour).

Pritzwalk – Sadenbeck – Neu Krüssow – Alt Krüssow (5km) – Wilmersdorf – Heiligengrabe – Hohe Heide – Bölzke – Sarnow – Pritzwalk

Die Tour nach Knotenpunkten

80 > 86 > 85 > 84 > 83 > 82 > 80 
Wallfahrtskirche Alt Krüssow

Description of the tour

  • Start at the tourist information Pritzwalk at the Museumsfabrik (parking spaces available), follow the signs with the logo “Wallfahrtstour”
  • continue to junction point 80 outside of town and through the local recreation area Waldpark Hainholz (nature experience offers, open air swimming pool, gastronomy, blueberry plantation)
  • continue along the bike path to Streckenthin (gastronomy, museum printing plant, mansion (privately owned), half-timbered church) (about 4,5 km)
  • continue on the sparsely frequented country road to junction point 86 to Sadenbeck (half-timbered church) (3,5 km)
  • then continue to the crossroad to Alt Krüssow: the way and back to the former pilgrimage church St Anna (open church) (5 km)
  • at the crossroads continue to Wilmersdorf (half-timbered church, enjoy from outside) and to Heiligengrabe to junction point 84 (6 km)
  • visit the convent in Heiligengrabe (Protestant convent, the only completely extant Cistercian convent ensemble in Brandenburg with the Heiliggrab Chapel, abbey and convent church, tourist information, shop, museum, and herbal garden)
  • continue past the Kneipp premises and the educational forest park “Rote Brücke” (red bridge) to Hohe Heide (blueberry farm, gastronomy) to junction point 83 (about 5 km)
  • continue through the forest past Bölzke (half-timbered church with an exhibition on pilgrimage, grass labyrinth) to Sarnow (gastronomy) (about 3,5 km)
  • then follow the path back into the town area of Pritzwalk to junction points 82/81 (about 10 km)
  • continue to junction point 80, and then back to the tourist information in Pritzwalk
Museum PritzwalkFoto: Stadt Pritzwalk
Alt Krüssow
Innenansicht HeiliggrabkapelleFoto: Hagen Immel
Kirche Bölzke