Fieldstone churches tour

Even from a distance and far above the roofs of the surrounding houses, the impressive church towers greet incoming visitors. As witnesses of old times they tell stories of long past centuries.

Churches are the treasures of the region and hold proof of medieval art like richly decorated epitaphs, Baroque pulpit altars, or colourful baptismal angels carved from wood. Between each stop you can enjoy the relaxing width and serenity of Prignitz.

The tour - 45 km

Bad Wilsnack – Grube – Groß Werzin – Kleinow – Burghagen – Groß Gottschow – Krampfer – Rambow – Groß Werzin – Viesecke – Kletzke – Plattenburg – Bad Wilsnack

Die Tour nach Knotenpunkten

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Foto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V.
Foto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V.
Foto: Klaus Falk

Insidertipp von der Radwegekoordinatorin des Tourismusverbandes Prignitz e.V.

If you ask Carola Krakow for her favourite tour of Prignitz' tour network, she struggles with the answer; however, eventually she smiles. She swoons about one tour in particular:

“With a total 17 tour recommendations through the entire Prignitz with different themes and different levels of difficulty, we have a great variety but my favourite tour is the fieldstone churches tour. I can't count how often I've cycled this tour already. All those impressive church towers greet me from a distance, far above the roofs of the villages, and seem to welcome me. Being the witnesses of their contemporary times that they are, they're, in my opinion, the treasures of our region, tell stories of centuries long past and hold proof of medieval art. Especially impressive is the seemingly unending vastness of the Prignitz which you can enjoy while cycling along fields and through forests. The quiet always lets me unwind and enjoy.”

Carola Krakow, Radwegekoordinatorin im Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V.Foto: Archiv Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V.

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