Map and arrival

As a North-Western travel destination in Brandenburg, Prignitz is located by a tri-border-area. The region borders on the states Sachsen-Anhalt, Niedersachsen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The Dosse lakes area and the Wittstock lands of the Brandenburg's administrative district Ostprignitz-Ruppin as well as the town Havelberg in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt belong to the travel destination Prignitz. Due to its location between the metropolises Berlin and Hamburg, the Prignitz is easily accessible by car and by train.

Arrival by car

Highways A24 and A19, connection to A2 via B189
federal roads B5, B103, B107, B189, B195, B321

Arrival by train

Plan your arrival to Prignitz by train with the linked transport system Berlin Brandenburg.

Bahnhof Bad WilsnackFoto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann


RE 2: Berlin – Wismar – Neustadt (Dosse) – Glöwen – Bad Wilsnack – Wittenberge – Karstädt
RE 6: Berlin – Wittstock – Wittenberge – Pritzwalk – Perleberg
RB73: Neustadt (Dosse) – Kyritz – Pritzwalk
RB74: Pritzwalk – Meyenburg
S1: Magdeburg – Stendal – Osterburg – Wittenberge

HANS - Mobilität in Ihrer Region

Die Hanseatische Eisenbahn GmbH (HANS) bietet auf ihren Strecken in Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt und Meckenlenburg-Vorpommern zuverlässige Zugverbindungen und freundliches Personal an Bord und in den Kundencentern. Steigen Sie ein und genießen Sie als Berufspendler oder Tourist eine entspannte Fahrt im Zug.

  • Zugverkehr zwischen Neustadt/Dosse, Kyritz, Pritzwalk und Meyenburg
  • Fahrkartenverkauf in den Bahnhöfen Kyritz und Pritzwalk
  • Saisonverkehr zwischen Plau am See und Meyenburg

Nahverkehrsservice in die Hansestadt Havelberg

Town Havelberg: local transport service, closest train station: Glöwen

Arrival by bus

Travel Prignitz comfortably from A to B with our bus providers prignitzbus and Ostprignitz-Ruppiner Personalnahverkehrsgesellschaft mbH

Bus in WittenbergeFoto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann

Note: Some lines deploy on-call busses which means you need to set up a pick-up at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. Those busses depart according to the times noted on the schedule (marked as “RUF” or “R”). In the administrative district Ostprigniz-Ruppin, rides that take place on the weekend or Mondays before 8 AM, need to be registered the Friday before.

Transporting bikes: In the administrative district Prignitz it's possible to transport up to two bikes on busses that are marked accessible. Transporting bikes on on-call busses (in both administrative districts) is not possible due to the vehicles that are being used. In the district Ostprignitz-Ruppin it's the operators' assessment whether it's manageable to transport bikes on busses as per §11 of the linked transport service Berlin Brandenburg rates.

Bus tipps

  • line 944 Wittenberge - Lenzen: the line 944 connects Elbe town Wittenberge and the pastoral Lenzen and its fortress of the same name. Starting Good Friday and until the end of October, the bus offers to transport up to five bikes per trip.
  • line 745 Wittstock - Freyenstein - Meyenburg: another interesting bus line for an explorational tour through the Prignitz is bus 745 in connection with the regional train like RE6. From Berlin, you comfortable reach Wittstock by using train line RE6. Once there, you can set off exploring Freyenstein with its palace and the archaeological park, Meyenburg and its palade and the fashion museum, and even the town Plau am See which belongs to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Tel. +493876/78 99 40
Ostprignitz-Ruppiner Personennahverkehrsgesellschaft mbH
Ostprignitz-Ruppiner Personennahverkehrsgesellschaft mbH
Tel. +493391/40 06 18

Elbe ferries

Fähre bei Lenzen/ElbeFoto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Corporate Art
Fähre Westprignitz von Lenzen nach Pevestorf
Fähre Westprignitz von Lenzen nach Pevestorf
Tel. +4938792/9 88 14
Mobile +49151/59 40 68 12
Fähre Ilka von Lütkenwisch nach Schnackenburg
Fähre Ilka von Lütkenwisch nach Schnackenburg
Tel. +4938792/9 88 14
Mobile +49151/61 64 01 99
Fähre Werben von Räbel nach Werben
Fähre Werben von Räbel nach Werben
Mobile +49173/2 48 67 95