The Daber tower

At the border between Mecklenburg and Brandenburg lies the Wittstock heath, which fell to Wittstock in 1802 after more than 400 years of border disputes. The Daber tower with its adjacent buildings was once part of the Landwehr and border station.

DaberturmFoto: Stadt Wittstock

Today, you can experience the “Warden of the Heath” exhibition here.

Using minerals and fossils, the exhibition explains the geological development of this area. Many exhibits invite you to feel different materials, smell the herbal remedies, and listen to the sounds of forest and heath.

In the former warden's living quarters the history of the heath is made tangible through an audiobook with myths and stories of smugglers (open April-October).

The Daber tower is starting point of many running and hiking tracks through the heath.

RadtourFoto: Thomas Wolf
Im WaldFoto: Archiv TVP