This path is characterized by the Bronze Age royal tomb near Seddin. The way back to Wolfshagen leads you through wetlands.

Grabkammer (2011)

Wolfshagen Palace – Seddin – Königsgrab – Seddin – Wolfshagen Palace

Circular path, signposted by a blue line in a white square, in both directions

  • start from Wolfshagen Palace (parking space, restaurant/cafe only in Wolfshagen, an inn by the Palace)
  • continue to cross the Stepenitz bridge left along the road to Seddin (no separate hikinh path for one kilometer; if you want to avoid the road, you can go right into the Auwald (trail marked))
  • walk through the village Seddin with its restored church (built around 1300, restored around 1500); there are no trail marks in the village but the royal tomb is signposted
  • follow the rarely frequented road to Kreuzberg (no separate hiking path for a kilometer)
  • the path to the royal tomb has been built out with slabs of concrete, info boards at the turn-off
  • resting place and info boards at the royal tomb, one of the most significant Bronze Age burial mounds in Northern Central Europe; a new circular path since 2014 with the showcasing of the row of fire pits in front of the tomb as a brick flooring
  • a field track running through a small forest leads you to the old, tree-lined road to Seddin
  • walk through the village, past the warrior memorial, straight ahead
  • turn right at the turn-off in front of the cemetary, the trail marks start there again; go right at the end of the woods
  • romantic forest until the road ends
  • cross the Stepenitz bridge on your right to get back to the palace
Hinter der Brücke der Ausschilderung zum Königsgrab folgen
Am Ortsende rechts in den Wald abbiegen
In Seddin
Straße zurück nach Seddin
Vom Grabhügel - auf das Wäldchen zugehen
Blick auf das Grab
Tafel am Königsgrab
Hinter Seddin Abzweig zum Königsgrab
Hier geht es alternativ rechts von der Straße in die Aue
Der Weg mündet wieder auf die Straße