Water adventure

Experience Prignitz from the water

Kanufahrt am Grenzturm bei LenzenFoto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Markus Tiemann

For experienced paddlers, the Elbe offers unique tours with wonderful animal observation in the biosphere reserve. On Stepenitz and Löcknitz, it is more relaxed, with no less natural experience from beavers to kingfisher, but always with little current.

In the north and south-east, the foothills of the Müritz and the Kyritz chain of lakes offer water fun for the whole family. Above all, the Kyritz chain of lakes offers pleasure, because apart from the passenger ship from Wusterhausen / Dosse there is not a single motorboat.

Excursions by passenger ship on the lakes or the Havel and Elbe are just as popular as cooling off in the Prignitz bathing waters. Experience the Prignitz from the water.