Health resort town Bad Wilsnack

Bad Wilsnack is a state-approved thermal brine and mud spa resort and has been called “Bad” since 1929.

The KMG-Elbtalklinik and the Kristall Kur- und Gradier-Therme offer a wide range of rehabilitation measures and treatments. In addition, there are classic cures at the Ringhotel VITALHOTEL ambiente.

Brandenburg's only graduation tower is located directly at the thermal bath. Two interesting and spacious spa parks invite you to take a walk. There are various hiking and biking trails around the city.


The KMG Elbtalklinik Bad Wilsnack is a rehabilitation clinic for orthopedics and rheumatology in which prevention and rehabilitation measures for diseases of the musculoskeletal system are carried out as follow-up treatment and inpatient treatment.

The outpatient treatments range (almost) from A to Z, from exercise to two-cell baths. Mud baths, mud packs and Kneipp treatments are also part of the offer.

KurmittelhausFoto: Amt Bad Wilsnack/Weisen
Im Kurpark – Blick auf die ThermeFoto: Amt Bad Wilsnack/Weisen
Neuer KurparkFoto: Amt Bad Wilsnack/Weisen
Am See im neuen KurparkFoto: Amt Bad Wilsnack/Weisen
Neuer KurparkFoto: Amt Bad Wilsnack/Weisen
KMG Elbtalklinik Bad Wilsnack GmbH
KMG Elbtalklinik Bad Wilsnack GmbH
Badstraße 5 – 7, 19336 Bad Wilsnack
Tel. +4938791/30

History of the spa town

The city is surrounded by forest, which is ideal for walks and hikes in clean, oxygen-rich air.

The town was already popular as a climatic health resort before 1900. With the discovery of moor earth containing iron oxide by the city forester Zimmermann, the development of the spa town began. The mud bathing establishment was inaugurated in 1907 and a sanatorium was built in 1929. After the interruption caused by World War II, the spa business was resumed and expanded.

In 1993 the new rehabilitation clinic with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities was built and in 2000 the thermal bath was opened.

WunderblutkircheFoto: Michael Richter
Historische Ansicht – Moorheilbad
Im KurparkFoto: Studio Prokopy
In der StadtFoto: brainworkers & more