Kristall Kur- und Gradier-Therme Bad Wilsnack

The Kristall Kur- und Gradier-Therme was opened in 2000.

The thermal brine used in the thermal baths is pumped from a depth of 1,018 meters.

The thermal baths offer a wide range of wellness pleasures in a Mediterranean ambience and a salt lake with 24% brine content as a special attraction since 2013.

Außenbecken mit Strömungskanal, dahinter die Kuppel des SalzseesFoto: Kristall Bäder AG
Mega-Sauna DomFoto: Kristall Bäder AG
Therme InnenansichtFoto: Kristall Bäder AG
SaunadorfFoto: Kristall Bäder AG

The specials

With pure joie de vivre you can relax in the 4 indoor and 3 outdoor pools of the Kristall Therme Bad Wilsnack in iron and iodine-containing thermal brine healing water from its own source at 34–36 ° C water temperature. One of the outdoor pools is enriched with 12% and two with 1.5% brine. One of the outdoor pools has a lazy river.

The 24% salt lake is unique in Brandenburg, where you can float weightlessly on the water like in the Dead Sea.

In the 8 themed saunas, including the “Dom” mega sauna for 200 sauna fans, up to 20 special infusions are celebrated daily. 2 steam baths, ice fog grotto, hammam, meditation grotto, restaurant SIR FRANZ, massages, events and much more promise an unforgettable stay.

The first graduation tower in Brandenburg, which can be found directly in front of the Kristalltherme, is a relief for bronchial and respiratory diseases.

24%iger SalzseeFoto: Kristall Bäder AG
SaunaFoto: Kristall Bäder AG
SalzseeFoto: Kristall Bäder AG
SalzseeFoto: Kristall Bäder AG
Mega-Sauna »Dom«Foto: Kristall Bäder AG