Prignitz tourism forum

The Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V. and the IHK Potsdam invited to the 17th Prignitz Tourism Forum in the Kuhstall auf Dahses Erbhof on Monday, October 10, 2022.

Below are the presentations from the meeting.


from 12 p.m.:
Registration and get-together with snacks

1 p.m.: Greeting
Christian Müller (District Administrator of the Prignitz district)
Ralf Reinhardt (District Administrator Ostprignitz-Ruppin)

Moderated by:
Mike Laskewitz (Managing Director Tourism Association Prignitz e.V.)
Uwe Seibt (Tourism Advisor at the Potsdam Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

1:30 p.m.:
Introductory lecture “Defy crises, dare courageously for a sustainable Prignitz”
Franziska Albers, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Public Welfare Economy Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

2 p.m.:
coffe break

2:30 p.m.:
Keynote speech “Title”
Caroline Huber and ……, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

3 p.m.
Best practice: ahead burghotel Lenzen in the Elbe-Brandenburg river landscape biosphere reserve
Jonas Mog

3:15 p.m.:
Best Practice: Hof Obst in the Elbe-Brandenburg River Landscape Biosphere Reserve
Dipl. Agrarin. Julia fruit

3:30 p.m.:
Best practice: Waldschlösschen Kyritz
Yvonne Schwarzer

3:45 p.m.:
coffe break

4 p.m.:
Gallery Walk “Naturally Prignitz – Daring boldly for a sustainable Prignitz”

4:45 p.m.:
Outlook and farewell

from 5 p.m.:
Registration for the following general meeting

From 6 p.m. the public members' meeting of the Prignitz Tourism Association with elections to the board will take place at the same location, to which non-members are also cordially invited.

Ein Rückblick des Tourismusforums 2022 in Bildern

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