Natur- und Landschaftsführer

The Wittstock heath is the biggest interconnected heath areas in Europe. The southern part of this area that was formerly used by military has been cleared for hiking and trekking in May 2016. So go on a discovery tour through this unique and historically important natural phenomenon that is especially charming during blooming season in August and Seotember. You can best explore it with a certified nature guide who will tell you stories about the history and nature of the space.

Focus: guided tours through the Kyritz-Ruppin heath, canoe trips along the Kyritz lake chain and in Western Havelland

Reservable offers:

  • day or multiple day trips with the canoe
  • star gazing tours through the Kyritz-Ruppin heath
Andree Kienast
Andree Kienast
Tel. +493397/6 16 99 68

Tipp for explorer from nature guide Andree Kienast

I see the starry sky …

“When the red of the dusk makes way for the glow of the moon and the soft flap of the bats supersede the quiet call of the nightjar, an especially impressive view unfolds over the heath. No towns, streets or other artificial light sources disturb the natural night sky. A rapt quiet settles over the landscape while you watch these calm beauties on the night sky.”

Focus: guided bike and hiking tours in the Kyritz-Ruppin heath, and between the Elbe, Müritz and Havel.

Reservable offers:

  • tour guide for bus trips and town tours
  • bike rentals (E-bikes, fat bikes) and luggage transfer
  • boat trips to the Müritz
  • offers for single and group trips
Günter Lutz – Mobile Reiseberatung
Günter Lutz – Mobile Reiseberatung
Tel. +4933963/4 03 04

Focus: guided tours in the Kyritz-Ruppin heath and in the “Border Area between Prussia and Mecklenburg”

Reservable offers:

  • experience the blooming heath with a picknick at the Sielmann hill (August–September)
  • “Border wanderer tour” - lake hiking in Sewekow

Insider tip from nature guide Jürgen Paul

Asked Jürgen Paul: Where is your favourite place in the Prignitz?

“Watching the sun set over a blooming heath in the summer months is an special experience. Fortunately, this piece of natural treasure between Neuruppin, Rheinsberg, Wittstock and Kyritz with its expansive space and the wide-spred heath growth has been preserved. The view of the landscape and nature, being able to ‘listen’ to the quiet of the heath and letting the mind wander with a glass of wine or a beer is like balm for the soul. Simply taking time to live. Try it out for yourself.”

Focus: guided nordic walking tours and tips for optimizing your technique; imparting information about the nature, former military use and ongoing disarming of ammunition, the Heinz Sielmann foundation and the maintenance of the heath area

Reservable offers:

  • Heath tour, Pfalzheim - Neu Glienicke - Pfalzheim (about 3 hours)
  • Heath tour with picknick on the Sielmann hill (for groups, clubs and businesses)

Focus: carriage and covered wagon rides in the Kyritz-Ruppin heath, guided tours through the area and into the Ruppin Switzerland

reservable offers:

  • trip through the heath by carriage or covered wagon (approx. 2,5 hours), Start: “Kleines Waldhaus” in Neu Glienicke; optional: picknick
  • hiking trips through the heath from the parking lot Pfalzheim (about 1,5 hours or 3-4 hours); optional: picknick
Jürgen Strache
Jürgen Strache
Tel. +49171/1 70 77 17

Focus: guided church tours in Rossow and guided hikes in the Kyritz-Ruppin heath

reservable offers:

  • blooming heath with picknick on the Sielmann hill (August – September)
Nicole Rösler
Nicole Rösler
Tel. +4933964/6 08 75

Focus: guided hiking trips through the Kyritz-Ruppin heath

Elke Kopf
Elke Kopf
Tel. +493391/50 99 61
Mobile +49175/5 80 59 93

Focus: thematic hikes (herbs)

Dr. Kristin Peters
Dr. Kristin Peters
Tel. +4933979/51 96 77
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