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Gerrmany's third most biggest river, the Elbe, is one of the last near-natural rivers in Central Europe. The Brandenburgian part stretches across 70 river kilometres, from the border to Saxony-Anhalt until right before the gates of Dömitz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The biosphere reserve Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg has about 530 km². Therefore, there's quite a lot to discover here. The nature and landscape guides have prepared exciting areas and interesting topics specifically for you.

Foto: ELEMENTS/S. Figueiredo

Focus: the trijunction and the Northern Altmark, the Aland-Elbe flood plains, and the border lands along the Grünes Band

Reservable offers:

  • individually planned, guided canoe and bike tours in the trijunction area and the Northern Altmark incl. a supporting programme (such as meals, transport, visitations, lodgings) and complete canoe equipment/bikes
  • combined tours with seminar or workshop programmes
  • individual nature experience programmes for small and slighlty bigger groups of every age

Guided tours in English available.

Susanne Figueiredo
Susanne Figueiredo
Kirchweg 14, 39615 Aland OT Vielbaum
Tel. +4939386/99 32 77

Focus: adventure tours between the health resort town Bad Wilsnack and the stork village Rühstädt

Reservable offers:

  • “Vom Wunderblut zum Storchenwunder” guided adventure hike on the Karthane path from Bad Wilsnack to the village with the biggest stork population in Germany (about 15 km)
  • “Wunder - Wallfahrt - Widersacher” historical tour in the Wunderblut church St Nikolai in Bad Wilsnack
  • more guided tours through Bad Wilsnack and guided hikes and bike tours in the surrounding area
  • for groups and single persons
Torsten Engelbrecht
Torsten Engelbrecht
Stadtinformation im Bahnhofsquartier Bad Wilsnack, Bahnhof 1, 19336 Bad Wilsnack
Tel. +4938791/26 20

Focus: the area in and around the Lenzer Wische

reservable offers:

  • Stiller Wanderer - Binnendüne (quiet wanderers - inland dune): circular adventure tour through the nature protection area Binnendüne Klein Schmölen (4,2 km)
  • Eiszeit, Slawen und reiche Bauern (ice age, Slavic people, and rich farmers)—In the footsteps of history: cultural and natural circular hiking path through the stream of time along the Elbe (9 km)
  • Mehr Raum für den Fluss (more room for the river)—dike relocation: tour to the large scale nature protection project “Lenzener Elbtalaue”, the biggest of its kind in Germany (6 km)
  • Wie alles begann (how it all started)—the origin and vegetation of the Elbe wetlands: nature experience hike following the history of the riverscape Elbe (1,3 km)
Robert Sommerfeld – Naturerlebnisse
Robert Sommerfeld – Naturerlebnisse
zertifizierter Kultur- und Landschaftsführer Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg/MV, Am Elbdeich 15, 19309 Baarz
Tel. +49160/94 41 61 21

Insidertipp von Natur- und Landschaftsführer Robert Sommerfeld

Where is your favourite place in the Prignitz?

“The nature stop ‘brackish waters Besandten’ is the perfect place for me. Not only because it is very interesting from a historico-cultural point of view. It emerged as a consequence of a devastating flood and now lies behind the embankment surrounded by reeds and leftover riparian forests where both humans and animals can take a breather and relax. Here you can see white-tailed eagles, red kites and many more feathered friends. If you venture here during night hours, you'll find a gorgeous starry sky in clear nights that's even reflected in the water.”

Focus: Elbe and its tributary Löcknitz, Rambow moor, inland dune near Klein Schmölen, Grünes Band

Reservable offers:

  • guided experience tours in Germany's biggest dike relocation area Lenzen-Wustrow
  • bike tours along the Elbe and Löcknitz
  • bike tours at the Grünes Band
  • Lenzerwische-Tour by bike
  • planning and support of/during day trips to the Rambow Moor—“Deutschlands schönstem Naturwunder 2014” (Germany's most beautiful nature wonder 2014) (Sielmann Stifung), and to the dune landscape near Klein Schmölen
  • multi-day offers: creative days at the Elbe, experiencing the landscape and art journaling, tours and design in cooperation with an artist
Getrud Rohloff-Hecker
Getrud Rohloff-Hecker
Lenzer Straße 9, 19309 Lenzerwische/Mödlich
Tel. +4938792/5 04 71

Focus: town tours through the historical Hanseatic town Havelberg, cathedral tours, experience tours at the “Zweistromland” (two stream lands) between Elbe and Havel

reservable offers:

  • “Wanderungen auf dem Auenpfad” (hikes on the wetlands path)
  • “Havelberg am Abend—im Schein des Lichts” (Havelberg at night—in the glow of the lights)
  • “Havelberg—Natur trifft History” (Havelberg—nature meets history)
  • “Zug der Kraniche” (migration of the cranes)
  • “Kulturlandschaft zwischen den Fähren” (cultural landscape between the ferries)
  • “Vollmondtour in Havelberg” (full moon tour in Havelberg)
  • tours through the cathedral “Dom St Marien zu Havelberg”
  • tours for handicapped people
  • further hiking and bike tours in the “Havel-Elbe-nook”, historical town tours in the Hanseatic town Havelberg, and individual offers upon request
Frank Ermer – Havelberger City Guide
Frank Ermer – Havelberger City Guide
Havelstraße 51, 39539 Hansestadt Havelberg
Tel. +4939387/2 08 12

Christiane Frontzek, Ans Briesenick, Kathrin Hamann

Focus: historical Hanseatic town Havelberg, nature experience around Havelberg at the lower Havel flood plains

Reservable offers:

  • “Havelberg, Stadt im Grünen” (Havelberg, town in the greens) guided experience hike in the ice age glacial valley, beaver's lodge, jackdaws colony, white-tailed eagles, red kites, kingfishers
  • “Auenpfad Weinberg Havelberg” (wetlands path Weinberg Havelberg) guided experience hike to the place where the cathedral canons used to grow their wine, Havel meadows with abandoned meanders of the Havel, ground breeders, kingfishers, black terns
  • “Wanderung ins Mühlenholz” (hike to the Mühlenholz) guided experience hike to the Havelberg Mühlenholz, a newly created riparian forest at the dike relocation Sandau-Nord, beavers, black woodpeckers, firebellied toads
  • “Der Kamernsche See—eine Welt von Flora, Fauna und Sagen” (the Kamernsche lake—a world of flora, fauna and myths) guided tours to the nature protection area “Untere Havel”, fascination natural spectacle and world of myths
  • individual offers upn request for the topics: whooping swans, resting Nordic geese, black terns, dragonflies, cranes, colour of autumn, Elbe and Havel, water lily and white-tailed eagle, abandoned meanders of the Havel
denkMal und Leben e.V.
denkMal und Leben e.V.
Domherrnstraße 8, 39539 Havelberg
Tel. +4939387/72 96 14

Weitere Führungsangebote

Aside from the cerrtified nature and landscape guides of the Kyritz-Ruppin heath and the biosphere reserve Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg there are a lot more exciting offers regarding nature tours, nature observation and events happening outdoors with fixed dates from: