Motorhome landscape Prignitz

Please note that there is currently a greatly increased demand for motorhome parking spaces.‚ We ask you

  • to go to another parking space if the one you have approached has no more capacity. A complete overview of all places can be found below.
  • Do not park your camper offroads or in nature reserves.
  • Under no circumstances should you dispose of your chemical toilet in nature. If your parking space does not have a disposal option, you will find the locations where these devices are available in the list below. You can approach and use those.
  • Don't just leave your rubbish lying around, but dispose of it in the designated places.

Due to the current high demand, some hotels also offer temporary parking spaces in front of their houses. Please use this option instead of parking your camper offroads and register in advance using the relevant contact details.

Please be considerate of nature. We are currently in an extraordinary situation, and so that you and other people can have a pleasant time, we all need to do our part.

For years, more and more mobile home owners have been conquering the idyllic Prignitz for themselves. What once began with a few attractive parking spaces along the river landscape of the Elbe has blossomed into a network of parking spaces in the midst of historic town centers or tranquil nature. They often invite you to linger and are an ideal starting point for cycling and hiking tours.

The parking spaces are classified into three categories:

Transit: Transit places have no supply and disposal *, no contact person on site and are free of charge.

Standard: Some standard pitches have a supply and disposal facility *, contact persons or parking space operators are in the immediate vicinity. They may be chargeable.

Comfort: Comfort pitches have professional supply and disposal *. These are marked parking spaces with solid ground and contact persons on site. They are chargeable.

* Supply and disposal includes the possibility of electricity, fresh water, sewage and chemical toilet disposal with the appropriate and tested systems from well-known manufacturers. It can be compact and separate systems. It is also possible to dispose of household waste.

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