For big and small adventurers

At lofty heights …

If you saw the old, listed oil storage facility on the industrial site of the Elbe Resort Alte Ölmühle in Wittenberge, you would not suspect, at first glance, what is behind it. But inside the tanks you can soar: the climbing tower has two courses at different heights, and two outside slides. All those who have are uncomfortable with lofty heights, or simply do not yet have the age, height or strength to conquer the two courses can occupy themselves in the lower part of the tower. In the lower part there are three team elements, a giant seesaw, a flying bridge, a giant ladder, two attachment points for hammocks to relax, a hanging ladder and a slackline.

In dark depths …

If you haven't had enough after your climbing experience, simply go to the twin tower next to the climbing tower. The diving tower is located in the second oil storage facility of the Elbe Resort Alte Ölmühle in Wittenberge. With three training levels, two tubes, an alternating light system and a small rocky landscape, the ten-meter-deep indoor diving tower not only offers the recreational diver a lot of variety, but is also ideal for the diving professional.

Fun adventure world

The FUNTASY WORLD in Wittenberge is Brandenburg's largest indoor adventure world. With eight attractions on a total area of 4,300 m², there are adventures and fun for all ages. In addition to a trampoline park with Dogde Ball and interactive trampolines, you will also find an adventure labyrinth with four levels at a height of nine meters, Lasertag and laser mission, a ninja course with eight obstacles, FunWalls with a height of seven meters, and an area for small children. With space for over 1,000 adventure and sports enthusiasts, Funtasy World in Wittenberge stands for adventure, fun and experience.

A guaranteed adrenaline rush …

Slide into the depths of Prignitz' forests with up to 30 km/h. Across 77.5 meters you experience Prignitz as if you were passing by in a rush. The Groß Woltersdorf summer toboggan run is year-round fun for the whole family. But in summer it is particularly worthwhile, because there is also a natural swimming lake, a campsite and six log houses on site.

Foto: Tourismusverband Prignitz/Markus Tiemann
Kopfmotiv: Tourismusverband Prignitz/Markus Tiemann
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