For animal lovers

Up close and personal with deer and monkeys

Numerous domestic but also exotic animal species can be observed in modern enclosures and aviaries. Some enclosures are designed to be accessible and animals can also be fed there. Dare to visit the area with the red deer or the squirrel monkey enclosure. Special attractions are the extensive brown bear enclosure, the wolf enclosure, the walk-in bird aviary, the meerkat enclosure, the dingo enclosure, the coati enclosure and the owl castle right at the entrance to the park.

Up close and personal with domestic animals

Pritzwalk's “Green Lung” is located on the northeastern edge of the city. The Hainholz is one of the most popular excursion destinations for Pritzwalk. In addition to the sounds of birds, the rush of wind and lots of greenery, the forest is full of leisure activities. The local recreation area includes a forest swimming pool, a forest school with a teaching garden, a park of tree of the year, a natural history museum and a petting zoo.

Foto: Stadt Pritzwalk/Vogel
Kopfmotiv: Justin Feierabend
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