Evangelische Radwegekirche Lenzen



Berliner Straße 2, 19309 Lenzen (map)

Evangelische Radwegekirche Lenzen

The St. Catherine's Church in Lenzen is a three-aisled, late Gothic hall church with a transept and choir. The groundbreaking of the church goes back to the 14th century. Over the centuries there have been different phases of construction, with many renovations and redesigns. After two devastating town fires (1646 and 1703) the church had to be rebuilt. Old frescoes that were uncovered during the renovation in 1929 have been preserved in three arches of the impressive ribbed vault. Medieval frescoes were also discovered in 2006.
The valuable baroque organ had a very versatile history at the beginning. In 1708 it was built by Arp Schnitger for the St. George's Church in Hamburg. In 1747 the parish of Lenzen bought it as a used work. Unfortunately, she only played for 4 years, then the church tower collapsed. But many pipes could still be saved. In 1759 the organ builder Gottlieb Scholze from Ruppin rebuilt the organ. The instrument was restored in 2006/07.
The church tower in its current form is from the 18th century. It is 40m high. An old bronze bell (1705) has been preserved.

Opening hours: Von Ostern bis zum Reformationstag hat die Kirche täglich geöffnet: Montag bis Samstag von 10-18 Uhr und Sonntag von 12 bis 18 Uhr

Cultur: Church

Foto: Tourismusverband Prignitz/Markus Tiemann
Foto: Tourismusverband Prignitz/Michael Richter


bus stop < 1000m, bike path < 1000m, quietly situated, central location

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Fotografie: Tourismusverband Prignitz/Michael Richter