The King's Trail

START / FINISH: Wolfshagen Castle
LENGTH: 8 km I 2.5 h
PARKING: Wolfshagen Castle (Schloss Wolfshagen), Putlitzer Straße 16, 16928 Groß Pankow (Prignitz) / OT Wolfshagen
ÖPNV: Bhf Groß Pankow, Bus
TIPP: Guided tours of the royal grave, from March to October, registration with Renate Groenewegen, Phone: 038789/60420

The hike

The leaves of the deep forest whisper softly in the wind. But what is hidden in the middle of this inconspicuous rural idyll is a great secret from distant times - the royal tomb of Seddin. With its valuable treasures, it is considered to be the most important burial site of the 9th century BC. in northern central Europe. Numerous legends and myths entwine around the mysterious burial chamber and are still puzzling today. From Wolfshagen Castle, follow in the footsteps of King Hinz and his entourage. Past extensive meadows, forests and fields, you return to the starting point, where a visit to Wolfshagen Castle should not be missing. In the historic manor house of the Edle Herren Gans zu Putlitz family, there is a museum that shows the world of the Brandenburg landed gentry in restored rooms with original furniture and a manor kitchen.

Schloss WolfshagenFoto: Markus Tiemann
Hinter der Brücke der Ausschilderung zum Königsgrab folgen
Abzweig hinter Seddin zum KönigsgrabFoto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V.
Königsgrab SeddinFoto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V.
Rastplatz am KönigsgrabFoto: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V.
Der Weg mündet wieder auf die Straße
Am Ortsende rechts in den Wald abbiegen
In Seddin
Vom Grabhügel – auf das Wäldchen zugehen