On the day of the bike to a mystical burial chamber

The day of the bike in the cycling paradise Prignitz

The day of the bike has to be celebrated with an extensive bike tour. Well, and so I grabbed my bike and started in Perleberg in bright sunshine in the direction of Wolfshagen. Just driving along the Stepenitz, which meanders through the landscape in beautiful meanders, gave me a first feeling of relaxation. Blossoming bushes, fallen trees and cranes in the meadows: the landscape here is as diverse as its people, large agricultural areas have not prevailed here. The small parts offer many habitats for animals and plants and let me discover new things again and again from my bike. A nightingale makes me smile with its excited warbling. I wondered if he was scolding Frau Nachtigall at the moment. After a few kilometers, my stomach started to speak out loudly and so a rest with fresh coffee and cheese bread is announced.

Stepenitz in WolfshagenFoto: (c) TV Prignitz

But I wasn't alone and I almost got stuck with two cyclists from the far north. But after a startled look at the clock, I continue my tour well strengthened, after all, I didn't want to spend the day of cycling just with small talk.

Shortly before the village of Seddin, my attention is drawn to a large information board. My curiosity lets me put the brakes on spontaneously. The information board points to the royal grave of Seddin and reports on the burial chambers of a certain King Hinz that were found there. Now my curiosity has been aroused and I spontaneously decide to take a short detour to the aforementioned royal tomb. From a distance you can see a hill overgrown with trees.

Königsgrab SeddinFoto: (c) Elisa Igersheim

The trees almost look like guards who guard this somewhat mystical place. I walk around the grave on a small path. Several visitors are here right now, there is great interest in the bronze age burial site and together we listen to the audio column, which provides us with further information.

Via Seddin I continue to Wolfshagen, where the castle welcomes us majestically. On the other side of the street, the old mill is rather enchanted and ramshackle, which seems very large to me for this small town in Prignitz. There was even a schnapps distillery here, where life is just coming back to life. What will become of the mill? I meet friends who recommend a hike from Wolfshagen to Helle, further and further along the Stepenitz. Today I can't manage it anymore, but that would be an idea for my next exploration tour, stop without a bike, but with hiking boots. It would be worth considering.

After exploring Wolfshagen extensively, I made my way home again.

Seddiner EiFoto: (c) Elisa Igersheim

Dieser führte mich wieder durch Seddin und diesmal wurde ich durch einen kleinen grünen Verkaufsstand am Wegesrand ausgebremst. Komisch, dass er mir nicht schon auf dem Hinweg aufgefallen ist. Hier kann man frische Eier, Honig aus der Region und selbstgemachten Eierlikör »Seddiner Ei« von glücklichen Seddiner Hühnern erwerben. Ich wünsche mir mehr von diesen kleinen Ständen mit Kasse des Vertrauens, wo die Bewohner ihre selbst hergestellten Produkte, Gemüse, Obst oder Eier verkaufen. Einen weiteren Halt machte ich bei der »Käse Anne« in Strigleben, hier soll es bald wieder Frischkäse geben. Nämlich dann, wenn die Lämmer bei ihren Müttern trinken. Und so kam ich, bepackt mit regionalen Köstlichkeiten, wieder in Perleberg an. Somit war mein Abendessen ist gesichert.

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