Experience industrial culture in Prignitz

Zukunft der Vergangenheit - Industriekultur in Bewegung

In 2021, Kulturland Brandenburg will focus on industrial culture during the theme year.

The term industrial culture has so far mainly stood for the discussion of the cultural history and the cultural landscape of the industrial age. The theme year “Future of the Past - Industrial Culture in Motion” dares to attempt an update, which is no longer just about looking back with an effort to preserve it, but also about an industrial future perspective.

While industry in its traditional guise no longer plays a role in people's everyday lives, industrialization is continuing at an accelerated pace. Brandenburg has long since become an industrial state 4.0.

With the theme year 2021, Kulturland Brandenburg is providing cultural impulses, because not only industry stands for clever ideas and sustainable concepts. The artistic and cultural projects that are being implemented throughout the state show how creative, adaptable, interdisciplinary, style-building and identity-building the cultural actors and artists can work in Brandenburg.

Aktionstage in der Prignitz

Past with future

In the theme year 2021, the working group for cities with historic city centers in the state of Brandenburg is looking at the rapid development that the Brandenburg cities have undergone in the course of industrialization. The establishment of handicraft businesses, the emergence of manufactories and factories have had a lasting impact on the development of even smaller cities. Above all, the expansion of the railways, the use of steam engines or the widespread use of electricity and other inventions have significantly changed the infrastructure. In central urban space exhibitions, the participating cities tell what influence industrialization had on urban development, construction activity and population figures. How has the working and living environment of people in cities changed? Which companies and branches of industry settled there? Where can visitors still discover something like this today? And how are these industrial locations still used today?

“Old Town Industry in Transition or How High-Proof Becomes Highly Spiritual”
Exhibition and audio tour

Wittstock / Dosse
“The Wittstocker way from the uniform cloth factory to the education campus”
Exhibition and audio tour

Wusterhausen / Dosse
“Wusterhausen - Schusterhausen: The city of 100 workshops”
Exhibition and audio tour

Industrial Utopias

Former opencast mines, abandoned factories, historic power plants, visionary factory settlements, legendary clusters: hardly any federal state offers such a wealth of fascinating industrial relics in abundance as the state of Brandenburg. The tourist network for industrial culture lifts these treasures from their niches in the shop windows of the travel regions and makes you want to discover - and understand - the places and their stories. Under the theme of “Industrial Utopias - then and now”, the locations of the industrial culture tourist network will be presented in an audio guide in the course of the 2021 cultural land theme year. With the individual audio contributions, which are professionally researched and recorded with professional speakers, the cultural offerings of the participating locations are to be made more attractive for residents and guests. With the help of the audio guides, visitors can now, regardless of opening times or guided tours, gain an insight into the history of the locations and the pioneers working there and experience the surroundings acoustically.

Stadtmuseum Alte Burg Wittenberge
Putlitzstraße 2
19322 Wittenberge

Country Air 2030

The “Museumsfabrik Pritzwalk” invites you to a creative exchange of ideas on the future of living and working in rural areas in the cultural land year 2021. Globalization, digitization, mobility, demographic change: these are just a few of the key terms under which the future development of rural areas is calculated. The state of Brandenburg in particular, with its extensive, sparsely populated landscapes, faces particular challenges here. The “Museumsfabrik Pritzwalk” takes these challenges as the starting point for a lecture series and creates a creative network of ideas and concepts on the question of the direction in which things can go in the future. Experts from the fields of research and economy have their say as well as artists and rural initiatives : They each present innovative projects, approaches, technologies or initiatives that deal with the topic of industrial culture in rural areas in a forward-looking manner. Thanks to digital networking, national guests can also have their say in the row. The series can also be followed from the living room at home via video transmission.

Museumsfabrik Pritzwalk
Meyenburger Tor 3a
16928 Pritzwalk