öffentliche E-Bike Ladestation

public e-bike charging station
Öffentliche E-Bike Ladestation


Uferstraße1, 39539 Hansestadt Havelberg (map)

The charging station has four compartments, so 4 e-bikes and mobile phones can be charged at the same time.
The keys are currently available at the Tourist Information Office, and from July 1st we will be open again every day (Mon - Fri 9 am to 6 pm, Sat and Sun 1 pm to 5 pm).
Then you grab a free compartment and connect the devices to be charged. 230 V sockets are available for bicycle batteries and USB chargers with 3-in-1 plugs for mobile phones.
If necessary, use space for luggage and when everything is stowed away, insert a 50-cent or 1-euro coin into the deposit lock, close the door and remove the key.


Long distance bike tours: Bischofstour (Bishop's tour), Havelradweg (Havel bike route), Tour Brandenburg (Tour Brandenburg)

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