Haltepunkt Natur: Slawenwall Kietz

Slavic Wall Kietz



Haltepunkt Natur: Slawenwall Kietz

Castle by the river

Town names like Lennwitz, Bälow, Garsedow, Groß and Klein Leppin, Wustrow, and Kietz along the Elberadweg hint at the region's Slavic history. A tangible impression of this history can be experienced in the immediate area: the ruins of a former Slavic castle as well as an old manor of the von Wenckstern a little further, which now houses a lovely café. Experience the region's history at this nature stop.

Nature: Haltepunkt Natur, Site of nature experience


edge of town, bike path < 1000m, quietly situated, distance to a body of water < 1000m

Long distance bike tours: Elberadweg (Elbe bike route)

Natural spaces: Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg UNESCO biosphere reserve

Fotografie: Klauke Kleis