Haltepunkt Natur: Rudower Seeblick

Rudow's lake view



Haltepunkt Natur: Rudower Seeblick

A valley of lake and moor

The Rudow lake, the Rambow moor and the attached diverse flora and fauna can be marvelled at here. Softly undulating and with small hills the landscape doesn't seem Brandenburgian at all. Take in the vastness and structural diversity of the area. The observation tower, which is hidden from view and cannot be spotted from the road, offers the best option to overlook the landscape. You can find out here what this landscape has got to do with salt stocks and nuclear waste desporitories.

Nature: Haltepunkt Natur, Site of nature experience


swimming area < 1000m, edge of town, bike path < 1000m, quietly situated, distance to forest < 1000m, distance to a body of water < 1000m

Long distance bike tours: Elbe-Müritz-Rundweg (Elbe Müritz circular route), Historische Stadtkerne 3 (Historical town centres 3), Tour Brandenburg (Tour Brandenburg)

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Natural spaces: Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg UNESCO biosphere reserve

Fotografie: Klauke Kleis