Haltepunkt Natur: Walter Fritze Storchenblick

Stork viewing



Haltepunkt Natur: Walter Fritze Storchenblick

On par with Meister Adebar

In Rühstädt everything revolves around the stork. Even the palace, the second biggest attraction, pays the bird tribute with its distinctive water reservoir tower. No wonder then that Rühstädt is a master in all things stork, and on top of that one of the few official stork villages in Europe. What humans and nature have to offer these birds you can find out face to face with Meister Adebar. Why don't you count all the nests visible from the “stork balcony”? Don't miss to pay a visit to the NABU visitors' centre.

Nature: Haltepunkt Natur, Site of nature experience


bike path < 1000m, quietly situated, distance to a body of water < 1000m, central location

Long distance bike tours: Elbe-Müritz-Rundweg (Elbe Müritz circular route), Elberadweg (Elbe bike route), Havelradweg (Havel bike route), Historische Stadtkerne 3 (Historical town centres 3), Tour Brandenburg (Tour Brandenburg)

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Natural spaces: Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg UNESCO biosphere reserve

Hiking trails: Rühstädt Elbe dike tour

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