We are on our way - the goal: sustainable tourism in the Prignitz travel region. As a tourism association, we are not alone in this! Many providers have already joined the partner initiative of the Elbe-Brandenburg River Landscape Biosphere Reserve. In addition, as a tourism association, we are currently working on the region-wide sustainability initiative “Die Prignitz.Nachhaltig.Erleben”.

You will find these sustainable offers as well as a lot more information and tips on the subject of sustainable travel on the following pages. Discover and book your certified accommodation, click through our sustainable restaurants, cafés, farm shops and regional manufacturers. Browse through our sustainable leisure activities and find out about the most environmentally friendly mobility possible. Find out what you can contribute to sustainability as a visitor and get to know the people and stories behind the offers in our blog “Prignitzer Pioniere”.

Are you a tourist provider in the Prignitz travel region yourself?

Become part of the sustainability initiative “Die Prignitz.Nachhaltig.Erleben”, because only together we can make a difference.

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