Prignitz for everyone

Accessibility is essential for around 10% of the population, helpful for 40% and comfortable for 100%. For people with disabilities they are detailed and reliable Information about the usefulness and experience of tourist offers is an essential basis for your travel decision. In Prignitz, you have two options for finding out about relevant offers: the nationwide system “Travel for Everyone” and the information system “Barrier-free Brandenburg”.

Travel for everyone “Reisen für Alle”

Tested, essential, detailed.
“Reisen für Alle” is a nationwide label in the area of accessibility. You can use this label to independently assess whether the offer is suitable for your requirements. The necessary information is collected and checked by trained collectors on site. In this way, you can check the usefulness and experience of tourist offers on the basis of reliable detailed information before the trip and select and book the offers that are suitable for you.

Brandenburg for everyone “Brandenburg für Alle”

Proven Quality.
The barrier-free offers in Brandenburg were checked with the help of trained partners in the travel regions on behalf of the Brandenburg Tourism Academy on the basis of nationwide checklists for barrier-free access. There are numerous offers in Prignitz, which are characterized by the nationwide system. These are differentiated according to

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