Tips and behaviors

For your stay at the destination…

… use more sustainable means of transport such as bus, train and bicycle within the village and do without a rental car, because this is how you save on CO2 emissions.

… travel with less luggage to avoid overloading your means of transport.

… check the seal of your tour operator and your accommodation to see which providers include “gentle tourism”.

… save water by taking fewer and shorter showers and using your towels for several days.

… do not use the air conditioning to save electricity.

… support the local economy by eating in local restaurants and paying attention to the regional and country-specific specialties.

For your stay in nature…

… be considerate, because you are a guest in nature where animals and plants live. Always stay on designated paths and pay attention to all people and animals you meet on the way.

… don't leave any rubbish behind. Waste can be dangerous for animals and plants. Toxic substances can get into water and groundwater and thus also pose a danger to people.

… keep your dog on a leash, because unleashed dogs can frighten forest animals. Please also dispose of your dog's legacies in order to create an environment for forest visitors and residents in which they can feel comfortable.

… be careful when riding and biking in the forest. A moderate pace and the ability to stop quickly are appropriate.

… pay attention to the night's rest. At night, the forest belongs to the animals for their sleep or foraging. The forest should be left at dusk at the latest so that the forest dwellers can go about their usual rhythm.

… Bathing bans and rules in open waters should be observed. Dangers such as currents and shoals can lurk in any open body of water. Protect yourself and others by staying alert and recognizing dangers early.

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