Perleberger Senf


Herr Jan Lange
Großer Markt 11, 19348 Perleberg (map)
Tel: +493877/56 79 94 19

Perleberger Senf

The Perleberger Senf brand was founded in 1896 and it is the oldest regional brand in the city of Perleberg that still exists. During the GDR era, mustard was produced in large factories in Stavenhagen and Altenburg and, from 2001, it was produced in Perleberg. The brand initially held up well until it was threatened with extinction in 2019. At the beginning of 2020 we acquired the rights to the recipe and revived the tradition of Perleberger mustard: At Wittenberger Straße 4, very close to the Schuhmarkt and directly on the Stepenitz, we are now producing the spicy delicacy according to the original recipe in it`s hometown . Handcrafted, of course! Every Thursday you can buy a real piece of homeland in our factory outlet - for yourself or as a gift! Our mustard is also available in many retail outlets in the area.

Offer: Original, medium-hot and extra-hot mustard made by hand, as well as Stepenitz-narrowboat tours

Opening hours:
Mon 11 a.m.–5 p.m., Thu–Sun 11 a.m.–5 p.m
Tuesday and Wednesday rest day

Gastronomy: Café, Farm shop, Regional products

Foto: Monique Bessert
Foto: Monique Bessert
Foto: Monique Bessert


train station < 1000m, bus stop < 1000m, bike path < 1000m, central location

Long distance bike tours: Historische Stadtkerne 3 (Historical town centres 3), Tour Brandenburg (Tour Brandenburg)

Premium bike tours: Perleberg-Tour

Natural spaces: Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg UNESCO biosphere reserve

Fotografie: Jan Lange