Wochenmarkt Kyritz


Frau Doreen Wolf
Marktplatz, 16866 Kyritz (map)
Tel: +4933971/60 82 77

The Kyritz weekly market takes place on tuesdays and fridays. Fresh traders can be found and the popular scissor grinder is at the Kyritz market every first Friday. The range of goods at the Kyritz weekly market has been expanded: textiles, watches and bags are now offered again

Opening hours: Tue, Fri 8 - 2 p.m.

Gastronomy: weekly market


train station < 1000m, bus stop < 1000m, bike path < 1000m, central location

Long distance bike tours: Historische Stadtkerne 2 (Historical town centres 2)

Premium bike tours: Clover Towns Tour, Fables Tour

Natural spaces: Kyritz Lake Chain

Fotografie: Stadt Kyritz