What is it about?
With CITY CYCLING, people are playfully encouraged to cover as many everyday routes as possible by bike in a climate-friendly manner for 21 days. After all, anyone who has cycled for three weeks perceives this means of transport differently afterwards. This also applies to the members of the local parliaments, on whom special attention is paid. They are the decision-makers when it comes to cycling infrastructure and local climate protection. With CITY CYCLING, they are lured onto the bike with an extra prize category in order to take the lead in their community for 21 days and use this for a resolute cycling policy.

What does Climate Alliance offer you?
CITY CYCLING offers you a proven concept that is constantly being further developed. A proven IT infrastructure including the CITY CYCLING app and the reporting platform RADar! made available. The routes recorded with the app are anonymized and evaluated by scientists from the Technical University of Dresden. The knowledge gained from this can be processed for municipal cycle traffic planning. With the reporting platform RADar! Cyclists can digitally point out specific areas for improvement (e.g. potholes). The CITY CYCLING campaign instruments support the administration and cyclists in jointly ensuring a better local cycling infrastructure and thus reducing traffic-related environmental damage. In addition, Climate Alliance provides a wide range of PR materials and instructions to support local authorities in implementing the campaign.

Who can participate?
Any municipality (city, municipality, district) can take part. Municipalities outside of Germany also have the opportunity to take part in CITY CYCLING. CITY CYCLING will take place for the fifteenth time in 2022 and has so far set new records every year.

Who wins?
All citizens in the participating municipalities through less traffic pollution, less exhaust gases and less noise! In addition, Climate Alliance distinguishes five size classes and two categories based on the number of inhabitants:

1. Most cycling-active municipalities with the most kilometers cycled

2. Most bicycle-active local parliament

In addition to the best-placed in both categories and all size classes, the best newcomer community is awarded.

Locally, the municipalities should award the most hard-working teams and cyclists.

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