From the train to the bus

Excursion lines: From the train to the bus

The Green Line: PlusBus 944 Prignitzer Elbtalaue
From Wittenberge train station straight into the green Elbe valley and our beautiful Elbe dike hinterland. With the PlusBus 944 “Prignitzer Elbtalaue” this is possible in no time at all. The PlusBus connects the Elbe town of Wittenberge with the small farming town of Lenzen in the middle of the Elbe-Brandenburg river landscape biosphere reserve on a fast connection without detours at regular intervals and with good connections to the train. The feeder to the Lenzen ferry provides additional connections to Lower Saxony. Another highlight is that you can take up to five bicycles with you from Easter to October. To be on the safe side, e-bikes should be requested in advance from the mobility center. In combination with the bike, the PlusBus “Prignitzer Elbtalaue” is also a great offer for exploring the Prignitz cyclists' paradise. From Lenzen Castle with its imagined castle park, the BUND Visitor Center and the Castle Museum, which is well worth seeing, the 29-kilometer Lenzerwische Tour cycle tour takes you through the natural landscape of Prignitz. There are connections to the train at Wittenberge station. There are coordinated transitions to the RE2 and the RE6 from and in the direction of Berlin.

The PlusBus runs with extended operating times:
Hourly Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m
Sat-Sun every two hours from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m

The culture line: when paths connect: line 745 between Wittstock/Dosse - Freyenstein - Meyenburg
Attention culture lovers! Bus line 745 offers an exciting journey of discovery through the history of Prignitz. From the time-honoured Old Bishop's Castle in Wittstock/Dosse, where the Havelberg bishops once resided, the bus leads to the sunken town of Freyenstein. In the archaeological park Freyenstein you can admire the remains of a medieval city deep under the Bode. The old Freyenstien Castle with its idyllic park is also worth a walk. The further way leads to Meyenburg, where in the Meyenburg Castle there is a local history museum as well as Germany's first fashion museum.


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