Freyensteiner Straße 42, 16945 Meyenburg (map)
Tel: +4933968/82 50
Fax: +4933968/8 25 40

The town of Meyenburg was first mentioned in 1285 and came into the possession of the von Rohr family in 1364.

The city of Meyenburg was mentioned for the first time in 1285 and came into the possession of the family von Rohr in 1364. The palace complex was rebuilt in the neo-renaissance style in 1865/66. At the same time, the associated landscape park was designed. With these facilities, which were completely renovated from 1992 to 2006, Meyenburg has a cultural and architectural attraction. Today it houses a library, the fashion museum and the castle museum. Weddings are possible in the ballroom. The church and the newly designed Wilhelmsplatz are also worth seeing.

Cultur: Town


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