Am Bahnhof 2, 16909 Wittstock/Dosse (map)
Tel: +493394/42 95 50

Where is the most beautiful view of the Dosse city? From the tower of St. Mary's Church, of course!

Climb the 203 steps and let the wind blow around your nose at a height of 65 meters. At your feet lies the market square with the town hall, bustling hustle and bustle on historic pavement. Like a green ribbon, ramparts and parks wind around the city, literally crowned with a stately wall of red brick. They were among the few completely preserved brick walls in Germany. Here and there the dark blue of the Dosse shines through the green and in the Dosseteich the water of the fountains glitters in the sun.

In the south sits the Old Bishop's Castle. Anyway, what remained of it like the 32-meter-high office tower. Once upon a time, the Havelberg bishops resided here. Today, the Museum of the Thirty Years' War also tells of the great battle on the nearby Scharfenberg. Rich meadow green slides into your view, the memorial platform can only be guessed. So climb down the tower and discover Wittstock from a new perspective, accompanied by the fragrant roses everywhere in the historic old town.

Cultur: Town

Foto: Stadt Wittstock


bike path < 1000m

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