Lotte Lehmann Academy

The summer concerts of the young singing talents of the Lotte Lehmann Academy offer a truly musical pleasure on eight varied concert days. From 13th to 27th August 2022, the voices of the young singers who are working on the preparations for their concerts will resound through the historic old town of Perleberg. The sound of arias and scenes at historical locations let the Prignitz shine in summer opera glory. Whether in the church, in the castle or in the museum - with the unique concert experiences, the soprano Lotte Lehmann, who was born in Perleberg and is known all over the world, will be remembered again this year. You can purchase tickets for the concerts at the city information center in Perleberg on the Großer Markt (03876 781522).

Kopfmotiv: Nico Dalchow, fotografenherz