King Hinz Performance

In the footsteps of old Prignitz legends, there is no way around the royal tomb of Seddin: “In the distant past there was a king in Prignitz whose name was Hinz. He was good and fair to everyone and extremely popular with his subjects like no ruler before. But nobody lives forever and so this king died one day. However, his people decided to keep at least the memory alive for all time, so a truly royal tomb was erected for the dead.”

Surrounded by unspoilt nature, the imposing burial mound rises out of the landscape. The royal tomb of Seddin was known as the “House of the Dead” in the Nordic Bronze Age around 820 BC. erected. Only the clan of the Seddin king had the material and ritual potential to build such a massive tomb near a sacrificial site. A sensational find in the burial chamber points to the power and importance of those buried there. Archaeologists found the burned bones of a 30 to 40 year old man in a precious and extremely rare bronze amphora. Various items such as the sword, bronze comb, and bronze knife portrayed him as a warrior, artisan, and priest. Today it is assumed that he could have held the function of a sacral king.

With fire signals, music and dance, the ritual of King Hinz's funeral should be revived in an atmospheric and lively way.

King Hinz Performance
September 10, 2022 / Admission from 4 p.m. / Seddin royal tomb

4 p.m
Guided tour around the burial mound
The Seddiner urn and the passage of time - Jens May (BLDAM)

17:00 o'clock
Day of the open excavation - visiting the excavation
Lecture on the excavation results on the field area in front of the burial mound - Dr. Immo Heske (University of Goettingen)

6:30 p.m
The sounds of the lure and the arrival of the priestess with her companion
Presentation of the symbols of power
Dance of the Sun Maidens
percussion music

19:30 o'clock
Solemn lighting of the braziers by the priestess and her companions

8:00 p.m
King Hinz Performance
Jost Löber (Artistic Director)

Framework program and offer to participate
- jewelry making
- Archery
- Building drums and rattles
- Digging for artifacts
- Treasure Hunt

Gastronomic offer for a cozy get-together