Explore Prignitz:

The Prignitz

In the northwest of Brandenburg you can find the Prignitz, halfway between Hamburg and Berlin. The Prignitz is located in the four-state corner of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony. The rural idyll and the tranquility of the region awaken the joy of the simplicity of country life. Nowhere else in Europe does the stork feel as comfortable as in the meadow landscape of the Elbe. The Prignitz is a paradise for cyclists: the landscape is flat, the bike paths are well developed and with the junction system ("biking by numbers) the tour planning is easy. Would you like to plan a vacation in Prignitz? We'll show you the best recommendations for your vacation on our website.

A cyclist's paradise

Discover Prignitz along well-developed bike tracks. Regardless of whether it's on the dike wiht a panoramic view on the Elbe, across vast flat fields and throgh forests or in historical little towns and idyllic villages - it's fun to enjoy the breeze in your hair in Prignitz. A route network over 1,100 kilometers and a junction point sign system await you. Not only does one of Germany's most popular bike paths, the Elberadwege, run through this rural idyll, but also thematic tours for nature lovers or those interested in culture.

Experience nature

Between the UNESCO biosphere reserve Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg in the west, the border to the Mecklenburg Lake District in the north and the Kyritz lake chain in tihe east, Prignitz is known to be the ideal place for nature lovers to let all their cares behind. Prignitz still offers vast expanses of untouched nature. However, if you open your eyes and ears, you can discover a lot more here: the wind rustles in the canopies, the Elbe flows idly, bees hum and nightjars - an endangered bird species that is rare in Germany - “purr” in the Kyritz-Ruppin heather. Firebelly toads call mysteriuosly from the Rambow moor an the moor frogs that are redy to mate conduct an impressive bubbling concert. In spring and summer visitors of the village Rühstädt wirh Germany's biggest stork population are greeted by loud clattering and in the fall the geese's quacking sound are accompanied by the cranes' loud trumpeting while they build up fat reserves for the winter. In short: It's a wildlife concert!

Experience culture

Prignitz is one of the oldest cultural landscapes of the Margraviate of Brandenburg. Prignitz' museums function als historical memories keeping the region's rich heritage alive. More than 20 museums make history tangible. Not only can you find Germany's first fashion museum here, but also the biggest railroad museum in Brandenburg. In Prignitz you can relish in culture anywhere: Whether it's in towns with historical town centers, in cozy villages, in former palaces and manors or in former industrial buildings.

Your vacation in Prignitz

After an eventful day in the Prignitz, enjoyment and relaxation shouldn't be neglected. In the following you will find information about accommodation, gastronomy and relaxation.

Fotos Slideshow: Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V./Corporate Art (Baumallee), Peter Waesch (Aussichtsturm, Elbe, Elbdeich bei Wittenberge), Philipp Ritzmann (Kuh auf der Weide), Guido Michitsch (Eisenbahnbrücke Wittenberge), Ronny Löwe (Paar an der Elbe)