Information for interested parties and new members

Become part of the tourism family

If you are already part of the “tourism family” or would like to benefit from this growing industry in the future, we recommend a partner at your side who can competently support you in your plans. As the first point of contact in the “Die Prignitz” travel region in the north-west of the travel region of Brandenburg, the Prignitz Tourist Association stands up for the interests of its members. As a lobby organization, its neutrality and independence from its members are paramount.

With a membership in the Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V. you not only support Prignitz Tourism in general - you and your company / institution have the opportunity to help shape Prignitz Tourism and benefit individually from the advantages and benefits of the association.

Articles of Association and Fee Regulations

Benefits of your membership

The Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V. represents your interests in various areas.

At a glance:

  • In Prignitz Tourism as a networker between the members of the association, in offer and product development as well as in marketing for the region.
  • In the Prignitzer economy as a close partner of LAG, RWK, LEADER and our Chamber of Commerce, DEHOGA Brandenburg
  • In the districts of Prignitz and Ostprignitz-Ruppin through participation in various political and economic bodies
  • In Brandenburg Tourism as an active member of the LTV and in close cooperation with Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH
  • In tourism quality management as a licensee of the German Tourism Association DTV e.V. and as a consultant in all quality matters
  • In press and media work through intensive contacts to the local media as well as to the leading tourism specialist media in the supra-regional area.

With your membership …

  • … you have access to all marketing activities of the Prignitz e.V. Tourist Association
  • … develop your tourism offer together with us
  • … support the “tourism family” in Prignitz and become part of it
  • … you also contribute to the further development of the destination “Die Prignitz” in the travel destination Brandenburg in addition to your own touristic development of your offers

and also make an important contribution to the perception of the Prignitz as an attractive holiday and liveable economic region

… or support your local association

As an indirect member of the Tourismusverband Prignitz e.V., you enjoy all the rights of direct membership - with the exception of the right to vote during the annual elections to the member meetings.

You can become an indirect member through one of the local associations in the Prignitz travel region.

Eigenbetrieb Kultur-, Sport- und Tourismusbetrieb Wittenberge (KSTW)
Eigenbetrieb Kultur-, Sport- und Tourismusbetrieb Wittenberge (KSTW)
Paul-Lincke-Platz 1, 19322 Wittenberge
Tel. +493877/92 91 35
Tourismusverein Wittstocker Land e.V.
Tourismusverein Wittstocker Land e.V.
Walter-Schulz-Platz, 1 16909 Wittstock
Tel. +493394/43 34 42
Tourismusverein Pritzwalk und Umgebung e.V.
Tourismusverein Pritzwalk und Umgebung e.V.
Marktstraße 39, 16928 Pritzwalk
Tel. +493395/76 08 11 30
Tourismusverein Lenzener Elbtalaue e.V.
Tourismusverein Lenzener Elbtalaue e.V.
Berliner Straße 7 19309 Lenzen
Tel. +4938792/73 02

General meeting

The general meeting will take place on October 10, 2022 from 6 p.m. in the cowshed on Dahses Erbhof.


1. Welcome, opening of the meeting, voting on the agenda
2nd annual report 2021
3. Annual accounts, annual audit report
4. Discussion of the reports
5. Discharge of the board
6. Board Elections
7. Election of Auditors
8. Existing applications, other
9. Conclusion

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